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We paid the restaurant bill credit card

We paid the restaurant bill credit card

For safe use of bank cards in cafes and restaurants.

The most important rule when you pay at a restaurant, a hotel or a cafeteria, a bank card - you should always see your card! The usual situation: you had dinner in the restaurant, the waiter brings the bill, you are viewing it (a must!), Give him a map, it somewhere where it carries out and returns you to check. Of course, in reputable institutions of all will be honest with the card will be removed as much money, how much you ate and drank. Another conversation that is the sum of several times the cost of the same meal on the Champs Elysees or in Manhattan.

However, some places may occur and something very unpleasant for you. A dishonest waiter or cashier may well copy your card information and then ... well, it is clear that then. Therefore, in reputable institutions waiter should come to your table with a mobile terminal and "roll" the card you own. This is where the problems arise - not everywhere, even in the most reputable restaurants, waiters have mobile terminals. But at every corner written - do not give the card into the wrong hands!

Of course, you can trust the credibility of the institution - you are unlikely to come into the first cafe to you, and some of it has already been heard. And abroad you suggested your tour guide. But it should be, especially at the slightest suspicions, or if the last glass was unnecessary, and you do not have full control over the situation - do not hesitate to hold the waiter with your card to their stationary terminal. If there is no stationary - and what are you doing in this canteen without cash? We had to ask at the entrance about the payment cards.

Some restaurants have their own websites on the Internet, and they say that soon it will be possible to pay for your order directly from the table by, for example, your iPhone, no beckoning the waiter and laminating card. Let's see if it will be convenient. In general, payment for goods or services with payment cards via the Internet - is the next topic.

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