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Virtual debit card

Virtual debit card

The debit virtual card - card designed only to make purchases and settlement on the Internet. These cards can not be used in the sales and service network and at ATMs. Virtual card can not be issued and the carrier material in electronic form to the specific purchase or transaction, and can be released on a physical medium.

It works without a PIN. For the calculation of the following parameters are used: the card number, expiration date and three-digit code to verify the authenticity of the card. In the payment system MasterCard Worldwide is called CVC2 code, from Visa International - CVV2.

The use of such cards for payments on the Internet increases the level of safety of the operations as a virtual card allows not to disclose details of the main card.

By creating a virtual card, you set your own limit on it. For example, you need to purchase the online store TV for 10 000 rubles, but you do not want to enter your credit card for fear of fraud. In this case, you must create a virtual debit card with a limit of 10 000 rubles and pay for your purchase. This debit card, then no one else will be able to use as a limit on it is used up. The limit on the card can be made higher than the purchase price paid by the Internet. In this case, you can set the limit of one-offs, which will not be exceeded, which will also reduce the risk of fraud. The card can be independently locked or delete.

Virtual debit cards are issued in Russian rubles, US dollars and euros are both disposable and reusable. The term of their validity can range from one day to several years. Virtual cards can be purchased not only in bank branches (in the form of a plastic card), but also through the Internet, ATMs, or mobile communications (without financial support). Replenish the virtual card can be in bank branches or via the e-banking system. Banks may impose restrictions on the amount and number of transactions on the virtual map in the month.

The most common virtual debit  cards - VISA Virtual and MasterCard Virtual

Virtual debit cards today offer their customers, many banks such as Alfa-Bank, VTB 24, Promsvyazbank, Master-Bank "Revival", "Russian Standard" and so on. D.

It should be noted that the virtual credit card does not exist. The virtual debit card is a tool that allows you to spend a pre-made at the expense of cash.

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