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Bank account statement

Bank account statement

A bank account statement - a document issued by the bank organization, which contains information about the operations performed on the account. Statement gives the customer a reliable information about the account balance and cash flow: receipt and write-offs of amounts, as well as retention of the commission by the bank during the day.

Typically, banks issue statements to its customers on the day following the operations on the account - only if they were committed.

The statement shall indicate the date, type of financial transaction, part document number, bank identification code (BIC) of the beneficiary's bank (the sender), the correspondent account of his bank, the settlement account of the payer, the settlement account of the recipient.

Of particular note in the document deserve two far right columns - debit and credit. In the debit of the bank reflects the write-off of funds from the account, and the credit - crediting.

The duties include accountants to track correspondence received bank statements transactions and immediately report to a credit institution in the event of discrepancies in the data. Often accountants sutured discharge to primary documents, such as payment orders, under which there is a movement on the account.

In case of loss the bank statement for a certain number of banks are usually willing to provide a copy or duplicate, but for a stipulated in tariffs cost.

Methods for obtaining bank account statement

Information about the flow of funds necessarily available to all businesses and individuals who have open accounts, regardless of their type:.. Deposit, current, transit, card etc. For the convenience of customers and to provide them with timely information in different situations can be formed and to provide statements in the following ways:
by e-mail via the Internet;
on paper in the office or branch of the bank;
via ATM;
Using SMS - mobile banking;
via Internet banking.

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