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Get cash credit card

Get cash credit card

Currently, the vast popular credit cards. After all, they can be used almost immediately to make any purchase, even the most necessary, of course, subject to availability of the required amount in the account. But there are cases where the loan funds may be needed on hand. To cash credit facilities is possible only for this should become familiar with some nuances.

Firstly, for cashing in any case will be charged a commission. Sometimes it can be quite substantial, since the purpose of the credit card relates to cashless transactions. At the same banking institutions have the right to charge high fees, and limit the amount of funds that may be rented for a time or a certain period of time.

is available in advance to monetary losses were minimal with bank rates, which in any case provide for customers. Also, of course, would be the best, if necessary, to use the funds to non-cash payments, as it provides an additional benefit, which is the possibility of using the grace period, which upon redemption of debt implies a lack of interest charges for a specified period, usually constituting the period of up to 55 days.

Get cash credit card in a bank

Second, if the money is needed very urgently, the card user should go to the department of the same name of the bank. Further events will be associated with the card: ruble or dollar it. In the latter case it is better to apply to the cashier of the bank. Since the card holder will lose less on commissions. In this case it is not necessary to carry a credit card itself, it is necessary to tell the cashier number and provide your passport. In the first case, it is possible to withdraw money directly from the ATM. As a rule, the average commission during this operation an ATM that belongs to the bank, where credit card is about 3% was obtained. When cashing funds through a company terminal, the commission, as a minimum, will be higher by 1%.

Get cash credit card through the electronic wallet

Third, more profitable, but it is quite a long way to cash out the money with credit cards is its binding to the virtual payment system. This can be QIWI, Webmoney or Yandex-money. This method is quite relevant with frequent use. To do this, first of all, is to create your e-wallet. On the websites of the above systems can find a detailed step by step instructions, so web-wallet will not take a lot of time and does not require any special knowledge.

Then you need to transfer the required amount from the credit card in the wallet. Then, through the website on your system you need to transfer money to a bank account or a debit card. Translated from the credit in the electronic state of the money can be used in other ways. For example, pay for various goods and services via the Internet, including public debt or mobile phone bills.

This method has two advantages:
1. Withdraw all the funds can be established credit limit.
2. Since the operation is non-cash, the effect of the grace period applies to it.
If cash withdrawal is required regularly, you should open an account, get a bank card and connect to the internet banking. So you can transfer money to the card or current account, to cash them at the ATM. But in any of the selected methods for the operation will take time and financial costs, the size of which will depend on the system used.

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